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Amazon extends Web-based AI

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of Amazon, announced the rollout of these services at its annual meeting. Its artificial intelligence technology Amazon Rekognition lets the software developer can realize more functions in the software. Including intelligently detecting the number of people in a photograph, identifying gender and characteristic items. These techniques are extremely useful when comparing multiple photos to identify an individual’s identity.

Amazon also launched Amazon Polly, a program that can output text in speech. For example, when a programmer enters “The temp in WA is 75 degrees F”, it understands its meaning and reads it in the form of a full sentence in “The Temperature in Washington is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.” Amazon Polly supports 27 languages ​​and can be used to build human-computer conversational applications.

In addition, Amazon LEX will be Amazon voice assistant Alexa open to developers. LEX can understand the pronunciation input, it is convenient for the developer to build the application based on the pronunciation and quiz. For example, a pizza company could develop a web application that would clarify customer order information (what to fill and size) in the form of a question and answer. Procedures can also be traced back to historical orders, so that repeat orders are also a lot easier.

Artificial intelligence technology makes more services and functions possible. “Many companies are not aware of Amazon’s potential in the machine learning space,” said Andy Jassy, ​​director of AWS cloud services, and said that Amazon has thousands of employees focused on the development of artificial intelligence technology. Amazon has been working on AI for a long time, and these new services have been adapted to the needs of today’s customers.

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