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Jingdong logistics for the outside world

So that Jingdong logistics business in China as a whole important infrastructure. The goal of Jingdong Logistics is to extend the service capability of the B2C field to the end consumer to the whole commercial field and build an ecosystem that can integrate the resources of electricity supplier, finance, big data, technology and so on.

Jing-dong logistics development after ten years, after three stages: 2007 -2009, start-up phase, Jingdong independent exploration self-built logistics business model, and gradually established its own warehouse distribution facilities and self-employed team; Year – 2015, Jingdong logistics began to pursue specialization and large-scale economic effects, support hundreds of billions of electricity business at the same time, reshape the industry standards and rules; from 2016, Jingdong logistics will be fully open to the open and Intelligent era, through technological innovation and value of output, to promote the progress of China’s business community.

As of September 30, 2016, Jingdong logistics has formed small and medium-sized logistics network, large logistics network and cold-chain logistics network of three networks, with seven intelligent logistics center, 254 large warehouses, 5.5 million square meters of storage facilities , 6780 distribution points and self-mentioned points, completed the nation’s 2646 counties coverage.

Jingdong Group Vice President, Jingdong Mall Logistics Planning and Development Department, said Fu Bing, Jingdong logistics open to the community, will provide businesses with online and offline, multi-platform, full channel, full life cycle, the whole supply chain integration Of the logistics services products. To this end, Jingdong logistics will be open to the outside world three major service systems: warehouse with integrated supply chain services, Jingdong Express logistics services and Jingdong logistics.

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