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Amazon uses trucks to transfer data

As enterprise data storage capacity from TB level to PB level, or even EB level, they transmit data to the cloud service provider network will be a long process.

Amazon’s vision is to send Snowmobile cars to the customer’s office, extract data to their own data center after unloading data, the use of time is far less than the data transmission through the network. According to the Amazon plan, using high-speed Internet connection transmission 1EB data takes 26 years, the use of 10 Snowmobile car can be shortened to slightly less than 6 months.

This is not the first time Amazon has been able to speed up data transmission over the Web. Last year, Amazon launched a suitcase size, known as the Snowball data transmission equipment, Wednesday Snowball’s storage capacity was upgraded to 100TB. But for the transmission of PB or even EB-level data, Snowball obviously embarrassing task.

Snowmobile and Snowball are part of Amazon’s efforts to attract corporate customers to its cloud services. Faster data transfer channels can help companies accelerate adoption of Amazon cloud services.

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