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Why dont we reject wechat as payment method?

People are social animals, social as food is necessary, but the financial needs are not. First, in the user relationship, there are financial needs of users included in social users, financial products do social, is tantamount to sheep with sheep outside the circle, and social product finance is in the circle to find a sheep demand, and provide them with service. Forward and reverse the difference, one can imagine which is easier to do.

You do not resent micro-credit to do the payment, because micro-credit WeChat red envelope, the social and pay together cleverly, red envelopes is both social behavior, but also pay behavior. And accustomed to Alipay defined as a payment tool (although Alipay is no longer a payment tool, but a life service platform), it is difficult through a “payment tool” to chat. Because your needs are not superimposed, but are imposed.

People for the deep-rooted thinking of the financial secret is not exposed, pay treasure a social, first thought is unsafe, a place to put money suddenly a lot more strangers (not seen people), how can it be safe? Although Alipay in a variety of technical means to secure, but Alipay do this social has touched everyone on the Alipay recognition, that is, Alipay is a safe wallet. You can not even guarantee security, how it?

But in Alipay do this social thing, there are a lot of people follow the booing, the ability of users to vote with their feet is still great, Gao Xiaosong said, some people say like Gao Xiaosong, others will not think he likes Gao Xiaosong what is because He loves learning, or gourmet? They will only say that you actually like Gao Xiaosong, he was so ugly, this can only prove that you have aesthetic problems. A large number of users just follow the booing said Alipay began to change LOW, but still concerned about why I do not see the “white-collar diary”? Why can not I comment? These photos are false? Financial + social is not can not do, can only say it is very difficult to do, thankless it may only pay treasure to get it.

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