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How does amazon handle so many orders?

Shortening the training time, to the Amazon save a sum of money, allowing the company to give a higher temporary wages. It is understood that Amazon plans this year’s Christmas shopping season for its US warehouse by adding a large number of temporary workers, the specific number of 12 million people, equivalent to 40% by staff. The move aims to meet the peak demand season from November to December.

Make Amazon additional temporary workers task becomes more complex is the US labor market tightening. This reality forced Amazon to find ways to compete with rivals including Wal-Mart and United Parcel Service. It is reported that Wal-Mart and United Parcel Service companies are also increasing holiday temporary workers.

“They are competing for a limited supply of labor in the same labor pool,” said Tom Bianculli, chief technology officer at Zebra Technologies.

The result is particularly important for Amazon. You know, Amazon has the world’s largest warehouse network, requires a large number of holiday workers in order to maintain the normal operation of these warehouses.

The rapid flow of labor, coupled with low unemployment and the rising wages of the United States minimum wage workers, forced Amazon to come up with more attractive conditions in order to attract enough holiday temporary workers. These conditions include rapid training, as well as simple and flexible new system. It is understood that the Amazon temporary holiday workers are usually able to get a higher salary than the minimum wage. At Amazon and other warehouse operators, such temporary workers typically work for six weeks to three months and are primarily responsible for forklift lifts, picking orders, or shipping boxes.

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