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Rural consumers have become high-frequency e-commerce users

From the distribution of rural electricity business users, coastal areas under the single largest number of people, the inland areas from Sichuan leader. Jiangsu, Hebei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Henan constitute the first echelon, the total number of orders accounted for more than 50%, of which only a rural area in Jiangsu Province accounted for more than 9%. At the same time, net goods under the countryside the number of single-digit regional differences are also very obvious, Qinghai, Tibet, Gansu and other regions under the number of orders of less than 1%, remote provinces electricity business ecological environment remains to be improved.

Taking into account the deeper impact of traditional concepts, women need to stay home to take care of the family, from rural areas, “run away” young people mostly male-dominated. Therefore, the rural electric business users to show the characteristics of feminization. Jingdong large data show that although men are the main force in rural electricity business shopping, but the proportion of female users than the station, and is located in the more remote, the higher the proportion of female shoppers. According to the characteristics of the customer base, luggage apparel, nutrition and health care and other commodities or will become next year’s consumption hot spots.

From the age point of view, more than 90% of rural online shopping crowd located in 19-45 years old, of which 26-35 years old is the main force of consumption, accounting for more than 70%. Their qualifications are also high school (secondary), university (college and undergraduate) majority, college and higher education level slightly higher than the station level, on the one hand, this is because many out of the rural users in the home for their loved ones online shopping , On the other hand can also see the education level of rural online shopping is much lower than the first-tier cities.

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