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Rural market release consumption upgrade signal

Double 11 from this year’s sales data, we can easily see the enthusiasm of rural areas in the online shopping boom. Covering 440000 administrative villages of more than 1,700 Jingdong help service shop in the double 11 large promotion in the realization of the Jingdong large household appliances 30% of sales, 280 liters of large capacity refrigerator Jingdong help accounted for 60% of the number of refrigerators sold. 55 inches or more large-screen TVs, drum washing machines and inverter air conditioner and other high-end products in the Jingdong Bang to help each category has more than or close to half of the proportion of hoods and water heaters and other categories of sales also with the farmers living conditions Improve and greatly increased, respectively, compared with last year’s double-11 rose more than 2 times and 1.8 times. Data show that rural users to buy high-end appliances in the obvious trend, the brand concentration is high, showing a strong consumer upgrade signal.

However, in the Jingdong to help electric business services in-depth rural market before the rural market there is a serious problem of irrational supply structure. In the past, the peasants’ income was small, and the commodities that could be selected were fewer. The rural market left a stereotype of “buying only bargains”. With more and more farmers per capita disposable income growth for many years over the city, farmers have money, and improve the quality of life demand is also growing. “2016 China’s rural electricity consumption trends report” shows that more than 50% of users sensitive to the promotion, more than 70% of users concerned about the quality of goods.

Today, the rural consumer demand is cheap, Wumart, the quality of protection of goods. However, the current rural market has not yet adapt to changes in market demand, full of a lot of fakes, and some businesses even use this information and service asymmetry, the rural dumping of goods and fake goods as a dumping place. Not only seriously damaged the interests of farmers, but also indirectly inhibited the consumption needs of farmers.

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