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Alipay announced the overall situation this year

On December 1, Alipay announced the 12-year overall situation of this year. It is reported that this year’s double-12 from the original 24-hour upgrade to three days and three nights. December 10 to 12, the public in the above scene with Alipay consumption, can enjoy the random legislation or the audience 50% discount (on a cap) welfare benefits. In addition, the introduction of double-12 this year, Alipay Spring Festival five Fu Bao play. Double 12 period, consumers with Alipay consumption, as well as the opportunity to set “word of mouth four treasures” to win 1212 yuan in cash red envelopes.

Word of mouth platform operations director Zhu Xiaolei said that this year’s double-12 activities for the December 10 -12 days for three days, covering more than 300 cities, participating businesses over one million, including Carrefour, family, Kentucky, Pizza Hut, Windsor KTV, China and other well-known brand-liang. During the event, the user opens the Alipay word of mouth page will be able to find the surrounding 3 km within the 12-discount business. After the calculation, if the word-to-pay Alipay 12 each of the preferential scenes are consumed again, then three days is expected to save 1387 yuan.

And compared to previous years, this year’s double 12 is undoubtedly the latest game set consumption. Double 12 period, consumer spending over 1 yuan with Alipay that have the opportunity to get “word of mouth baby.” These “baby” can be donated, interchangeable. As long as the collection of “eat treasure”, “drink treasure”, “play treasure”, “Le Bao” four “baby”, you can get prizes. Zhu Xiaolei said this year, prepared a total of 500 million Jiubao prizes, including 15,000 copies of the 1212 yuan in cash red envelopes (Alipay Diamond membership bonus doubled, or 2424 yuan), and 498.5 million copies of the big discounts interest package.

In order to enhance the fun of activities, consumption set treasure activities also joined the emerging augmented reality (AR) elements. December 7, consumers in nearly 1,000 large shopping malls and shopping district, such as Yintai City, Joy City, Cade Plaza, etc., as long as the scanning Alipay double 12 posters on the “1212” words, click on the screen appears Of the dynamic baby, you can advance to participate in Treasure activities.

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