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Amazon extends Web-based AI

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of Amazon, announced the rollout of these services at its annual meeting. Its artificial intelligence technology Amazon Rekognition lets the software developer can realize more functions in the software. Including intelligently detecting the number of people in a photograph, identifying gender and characteristic items. These techniques are extremely […]

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Jingdong logistics for the outside world

So that Jingdong logistics business in China as a whole important infrastructure. The goal of Jingdong Logistics is to extend the service capability of the B2C field to the end consumer to the whole commercial field and build an ecosystem that can integrate the resources of electricity supplier, finance, big data, technology and so on. […]

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Amazon uses trucks to transfer data

As enterprise data storage capacity from TB level to PB level, or even EB level, they transmit data to the cloud service provider network will be a long process. Amazon’s vision is to send Snowmobile cars to the customer’s office, extract data to their own data center after unloading data, the use of time is […]

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Why dont we reject wechat as payment method?

People are social animals, social as food is necessary, but the financial needs are not. First, in the user relationship, there are financial needs of users included in social users, financial products do social, is tantamount to sheep with sheep outside the circle, and social product finance is in the circle to find a sheep […]

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How does amazon handle so many orders?

Shortening the training time, to the Amazon save a sum of money, allowing the company to give a higher temporary wages. It is understood that Amazon plans this year’s Christmas shopping season for its US warehouse by adding a large number of temporary workers, the specific number of 12 million people, equivalent to 40% by […]

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Rural consumers have become high-frequency e-commerce users

From the distribution of rural electricity business users, coastal areas under the single largest number of people, the inland areas from Sichuan leader. Jiangsu, Hebei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Henan constitute the first echelon, the total number of orders accounted for more than 50%, of which only a rural area in Jiangsu Province accounted for […]

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Rural market release consumption upgrade signal

Double 11 from this year’s sales data, we can easily see the enthusiasm of rural areas in the online shopping boom. Covering 440000 administrative villages of more than 1,700 Jingdong help service shop in the double 11 large promotion in the realization of the Jingdong large household appliances 30% of sales, 280 liters of large […]

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Alipay announced the overall situation this year

On December 1, Alipay announced the 12-year overall situation of this year. It is reported that this year’s double-12 from the original 24-hour upgrade to three days and three nights. December 10 to 12, the public in the above scene with Alipay consumption, can enjoy the random legislation or the audience 50% discount (on a […]

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